CCHO’s 2016 Housing Agenda: Finishing What Was Started

27 01 2016

CCHO 2016 Agenda photo2015 was clearly the Year of Housing in San Francisco. Not a week went by without newspapers and blogs writing about the City’s affordability crisis, or politicians and policymakers making pronouncements. The City issued a record-number of RFPs to begin new affordable developments, purchased new sites, rolled out (and quickly used up initial funding for) a program to acquire small buildings for preservation as permanently affordable housing, and began the first phase of public housing rehab.  The Board of Supervisors passed unprecedented eviction protections and established a new requirement to monitor the City’s affordable housing balance and loss of rent control units. In November, voters passed by overwhelming margins an affordable housing bond and a measure preserving surplus public properties for affordable housing. And the end of the year’s shift at the Board of Supervisors has already yielded new outcomes, as the Board takes new leadership (from both sides of the aisle) in preserving public assets and in protecting tenants.

As we look to 2016, we see that the accomplishments and struggles of 2015 are building blocks to a comprehensive campaign to institute real changes between now and the 2016 Presidential election. The 2016 landscape of legislation and ballot measures is bound to be complicated, with measures on everything from incentives for more market-rate development, to efforts to rein in short-term rental speculation, to new transportation taxes which may or may not result in a more equitable Muni system, to attempts at creating new departments – all of which will have profound effects on the continued viability of maintaining the City as the diverse and welcoming place it has been for generations. As a coalition of community-based affordable housing developers and housing advocates, we will be focusing on five immediate priorities for our 2016 affordable housing agenda, both legislative and electoral: Funding; Sites; Housing Preservation; Tenant Protections; Shaping Planning and Development.

Read the full agenda here.