FANTASTIC turnout for last Saturday’s D9 mobilization!

26 09 2012

A fantastic turnout for this past Saturday’s mobilization in District 9!!  There were over 40 volunteers covering 31 precinct walks, with big props to TNDC tenants for covering twelve of those precincts and CHP tenants for taking seven of them. We also had folks organized by Dolores, ECS, PODER, the SF Community Land Trust, and BHNC from the CCHO coalition ranks, along with people out from DISH and West Bay Housing, plus a couple folks from SPUR who joined us.

In addition to the Saturday mobilization covering the Mission and Portola areas of D9, Bernal volunteers alone took on an additional 19 precincts up and around the hill.

CCDC had a really successful turnout this past weekend as well with 65 volunteers for precinct/merchant walks for their District 4 field work.

Also thanks goes out to Conard, Mercy, ECS, CHP, TNDC, TIHDI and SOMCAN for working in District 6 over these past two weeks. 6,000 lit pieces are going out to D6 residents, both on the mainland and “the (treasure) island”.

Thanks everyone!!

This coming weekend the field mobilization is in District 5, covering Hayes Valley/Western Addition/Haightt/Inner Sunset.  We have 60 precincts to walk, wow!  Mobilization is from 365 Fulton street Richardson Apartments (@ Gough Street) starting 10am. The momentum builds….