Just Released: New Report on Affordable Housing from CHPC

29 08 2014

The California Housing Partnership Corporation just released a report on the state of the housing market in San Francisco and its inability to meet the housing needs of low-income residents.  Making clear the dire need for affordable housing in our city, the report discusses the impacts of both federal and state cuts to funding for affordable housing and offers local policy solutions based on CCHO’s work.

Check out the report here.

The report has garnered a great deal of media coverage this week, also worth checking out:

SF Examiner: “New Report Highlights SF Shortfall in Below-Market-Rate Housing” by Jonah Owen Lamb

SF Gate: “Surprise, Surprise: SF Falling Far Short on Affordable Housing for Low-Income Resident” by Heather Knight

SF Business Times: “San Francisco Has Affordable Housing Shortfall of 40,000 Units, Report Says” by Eric Young

Hopefully this report and the resulting media coverage will continue to draw attention to the need to support affordable housing in our city, starting with a YES vote on Prop K this November!