Key Findings on Displacement & Gentrification in the Bay Area

30 11 2015
REWS map

The Urban Displacement Project includes interactive maps showing the stages of displacement and gentrification around the Bay Area.

The Urban Displacement Project of UC Berkeley, which CCHO worked with as part of the regional HUD Grant Process that ended this year, just released their Executive Summary, filled with important findings from their research into gentrification and displacement in the Bay Area.

Among the key findings:

  • “There is no clear relationship or correlation between building new housing and keeping housing affordable in a particular neighborhood”
  • “Gentrification and displacement are regional”
  • We aren’t even halfway through the housing crisis: “More tracts are at risk of displacement in the future compared to those already experiencing it”

And perhaps most importantly, what has kept at-risk neighborhoods stable? “Policy, planning and organizing” – or more specifically, “a combination of subsidized housing production, tenant protections, rent controls and strong community organizing.”

The crisis isn’t over, but we have the tools to help mitigate it.

Read the Urban Displacement Project’s full report here or visit their website at