Mass Transit for the Masses – update!

20 11 2013

The draft Transit Equity Charter Amendment was introduced yesterday November 19 with five sponsors: Supervisors Avalos, Campos, Kim, Mar, and Yee. Among other things:

The MTA will be required to establish a set of Equity Performance Metrics to identify any deficiencies in performance for low-income and transit-dependent communities. The Equity Analysis would include an expenditure plan to identify the amount necessary to mitigate any deficiencies identified.

The agency would receive an additional $70 million beginning in Fiscal Year 2015-2016, which would be adjusted annually by the Controller based on changes in the City’s general fund revenue. Funds would first be allocated to mitigate deficiencies in low-income and transit-dependent communities identified in the Equity Analysis.

Fare increases would be limited to the increase in the Bay Area Consumer Price Index, unless a larger increase was necessary to comply with state fare box recovery requirements. The MTA would no longer charge San Francisco youth age 18 and under to ride the Municipal Railway.

The Board of Supervisors would adopt an impact fee on new developments to mitigate their impacts on the Municipal Railway, except that development projects for health, human service, permanently affordable housing or other City-funded, community-serving development project that will provide services to low, fixed, and moderate income San Franciscans would be exempted.