Mass Transit for the Masses!

19 11 2013

Seniors, families, and people with disabilities call for transportation for all of us.

Today, CCHO joins POWER, Chinatown CDC, Senior and Disability Action, and Urban Habitat on the steps of the city hall to rally for new transit funding and announce the Transit Equity Charter Amendment, which would require the city to prioritize existing disparities in service to low-income and transit dependent areas. Overcrowding, long wait times, long commute times, and affordability are some of the biggest problems facing the city’s transit dependent riders, including many residents in our affordable housing buildings.

Supervisor John Avalos, with Eric Mar and David Campos, will introduce legislation to set aside approximately 70 million dollars in new funding for Muni, paving the path toward a transportation revenue measure on the 2014 ballot, with restrictions to ensure that funds are spent where they are needed most: on San Francisco’s everyday transit riders. The legislation comes in response to the plan being developed by the Mayor’s Transportation Task Force, which had a heavy influence from the downtown establishment and technology industry, while lacking any input from everyday people.