Press Release: Survey Asks Mayoral Candidates to Take a Stand on Housing and Tenants’ Rights

3 11 2011


Press contact: Fernando Martí, CCHO Program Director, 415-595-5558,

Most Candidates Support Dedicated Funding for Affordable Housing on 2012 Ballot

SAN FRANCISCO (October 28, 2011):  With two weeks to go before the November election, the Council of Community Housing Organizations (CCHO) released results from a survey asking Mayoral candidates to take a stand on a comprehensive affordable housing and tenants’ rights agenda.

The 25-question survey developed by CCHO, the Housing Rights Committee (HRC), and the San Francisco Tenants Union, was distributed to all candidates for Mayor. Respondents to the survey include front-runners incumbent Mayor Ed Lee, John Avalos and Dennis Herrera, as well as Jeff Adachi, Terry Baum, David Chiu, Bevan Dufty, Joana Rees, and Leland Yee.

Every responding candidate committed to placing a dedicated affordable housing measure on the November 2012 ballot of at least $100 Million to support low-income housing, and every candidate committed to renew the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance with no reductions in levels of requirements. San Francisco’s Inclusionary program has earned national recognition for helping families to remain in San Francisco by building ownership units for the City’s workforce making near the median income. In 2011 these “below-market-rate” units were available to families of four earning from $71,000 up to $112,000.

“San Francisco has consistently led the nation in progressive housing and tenant policies, from Rent Control to Inclusionary Zoning” said Calvin Welch, long-time housing advocate. “We hope this survey informs the citizens of San Francisco about the candidates, and contributes to the development of a housing and tenant agenda for SF.”

Of the responding candidates, only Avalos, Baum, and Yee voted consistently with the affordable housing and tenant agenda. Candidates’ responses to the top seven questions have been distributed to over 2,000 of CCHO building tenants as part of their voter education efforts, as well as through the extensive mailing lists of the HRC and TU.

“We were both encouraged and disappointed by the candidates’ stances on tenant issues,” said Sara Shortt, director of the Housing Rights Committee,  “Though the strong backing for the concept of the Right to Remain for Public Housing residents hopefully bodes well for tenants.”

The Council of Community Housing Organizations is comprised of 20 affordable housing developers and advocate organizations based in SF. HRC and the Tenants Union are both membership-based tenants’ rights and counseling organizations.

The entire survey can be reviewed by visiting the CCHO website,