Urban Forum

Since its inception after the 1975 Community Congress, the role of CCHO has been much broader than just housing and land use, with the clear intent of serving a broader movement for social justice in San Francisco. Over the years, CCHO has carried out this work through its relationship with the Urban Policy Institute at SF State, and through participation in various broad political coalitions that have had a decisive impact on the shape of the City. In 2010-2011, CCHO organized the New Deal for the City Community Congress, and followed that with a series of public forums cosponsored with the Bay Guardian and with many of the City’s leading advocacy groups, to develop a progressive nonpartisan platform for the 2011 mayoral elections. CCHO continues this work through an emerging University/Community partnership aimed at developing a progressive policy institute, to serve as both a clearinghouse of information and research, and as a forum for bringing together San Francisco’s progressive forces. The goals of CCHO’s urban forum work are to facilitate movement building, linking housing, land use, and tenant activists to broader movements; popularize public discourse around housing, land use, community and economic development issues; and develop policy analysis and research serving the broader progressive movement.