Annual CCHO Housing Awards

Every year at our Annual CCHO Party, we present the CCHO Housing Awards to recognize the contributions of individuals and organizations to the housing and community development movement.  Through their tireless advocacy  and ongoing commitment to community, equity, and justice, these Awardees have fought for the present and future of San Francisco, help making it a place that all can call home.

2016 Awardees:

  • Dale Carlson Ian Lewis, for their work to save rent-controlled housing from hotel uses
  • Ruby HarrisTracy Parent, and Karoleen Feng, for their work to protect at-risk tenants and preserve their homes as permanently affordable housing
  • PODER CUHJ (PODER, FCC, CAA, Coleman Advocates), for their work to keep public lands in public hands

2015 Awardees:

  • Sue Hestor, for her lifelong and tireless commitment to the housing justice movement
  • Anti-Eviction Mapping Project (Jennifer Fieber & Erin McElroy), for its work to visualize and make visible the eviction and housing crisis

2014 Awardees:

  • Sara Shortt, Marcia Rosen, & Phil Morgan, for their to provide legal support and advocacy for public housing tenants
  • Jane Martin, Bob Allen, Angelina Yu, Jessica Lehman, for their work in building a transportation justice coalition

2013 Awardees:

  • Sophie Maxwell
  • Lou Giraudo

2012 Awardees:

  • Senator Mark Leno
  • Jim Morales
  • Public Advocates: Parisa Fatehi-Weeks & Sam Tepperman-Gelfant