SF Chronicle on Prop C

2 10 2012

Here is the San Francisco Chronicle article covering the basics of Proposition C.

The Council of Community Housing Organizations brought the idea of local permanent source of funding for affordable housing to Mayor Lee and the Board of Supervisors in the Summer of 2011, as it became increasingly clear that San Francisco’s unique use of Redevelopment funds to support housing would disappear overnight. We set the broad outlines of the measure: that it include new revenue and not be a net subtraction from the general fund, adding our voice to making the gross receipts tax a revenue generator; and that the Housing Trust Fund not result in any loss of rent control units, taking “off the table” any attempt at modifing TIC/condo conversion rules. As the article states, Mayor Lee was instrumental in bringing together a consensus from all political backgrounds around the measure. The Board of Supervisors also played a critical role in the development of the Housing Trust Fund, from their insistence on a foreclosure program, to providing added accountability, and to their emphasis on the connection between investment in affordable housing and the need for new city revenue.