Thanks for coming to the 2014 CCHO Party!

20 05 2014


Thanks to all of the Friends of CCHO who came out and made our 2014 CCHO Party a success!  It was great to see you all there, and to be reminded of how many friends and allies we have in the struggle to make affordable housing a reality in the San Francisco Bay Area.CCHO_5_14_001

And congratulations once again to this year’s honorees: Sara Shortt, Marcia Rosen, Phil Morgan, Jane Martin, Bob Allen, Angelina Yu, and Jessica Lehman.

Want to see more photos from the party?  Check out the album.  (And if you are feeling nostalgic, there are also photos of the 2012 & 2013 CCHO parties!)


CCHO_5_14_057 CCHO_5_14_097 CCHO_5_14_052 CCHO_5_14_202 CCHO_5_14_191 CCHO_5_14_162 CCHO_5_14_130 CCHO_5_14_111 CCHO_5_14_098 CCHO_5_14_068 CCHO_5_14_054 CCHO_5_14_050 CCHO_5_14_045 CCHO_5_14_007CCHO_5_14_010 CCHO_5_14_023 CCHO_5_14_025 CCHO_5_14_048 CCHO_5_14_196 CCHO_5_14_208