The CCHO Affordable City Voter Guide

20 10 2016

Taken together, the ballot measures in this year’s election continue to implement a comprehensive Affordable City agenda, to preserve affordable homes (YES on C), to create transparency for housing and development decisions (YES on M), and to support programs that are critical for working-class people (YES on I, J, K, N, S, W, and X). At the same time, we need to VOTE NO against the smelly measures (NO on P & U) that promote a cynical Realtors agenda against affordable housing, and that criminalize homeless people (NO on Q & R).

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YES on C – Housing Preservation Bond. Loans to make safety upgrades to apartments and preserve them as affordable housing.

YES on I – Dignity Fund. Dedicated funding for services for seniors, veterans, and adults with disabilities.

YES on J & K – Sales Tax for Homelessness and Transportation. 3/4 cent sales tax for homeless housing and equitable transit.

YES on M – Housing and Development Commission. Creates transparency for the city’s housing and development decisions.

YES on N – Non-Citizen Voting for School Board. A pathway for participation and civic engagement for immigrant parents.

YES on S – Hotel Tax Uses. Reinstates hotel tax allocation for cultural arts funding and ending family homelessness.

YES on W – Mansion Tax. A ¼ to ½ per cent transfer tax on property sales over $5 million to make City College free.

YES on X – Preservation of Arts and Industry. Requires developers to preserve and replace space for arts and production jobs.

NO on P – Less Affordable Housing. Delays affordable housing for seniors, persons with disabilities, youth, and homeless families, and opens the door to for-profit developers.

NO on U – Developer Giveaways. Would raise rents and incentivize evictions for over 800 affordable units, eliminate low-income units, and give owners more profits.

NO on Q & R – Criminalizing Poverty. The mean-spirited Prop Q would criminalize people in tents, and Prop R would create homeless policing units.

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