Voting for an Affordable City: It’s About Ethics, Not Just Economics

28 10 2015

This upcoming Tuesday’s election is garnering a great deal of media attention, as debate rages particularly around housing measures Proposition I and Proposition F.

We think voters have an opportunity on Tuesday to support a slate of measures that work together to begin addressing the affordability crisis, including F and I.

As CCHO co-director Peter Cohen makes clear in Fox 2’s recent piece on the housing measures in the November ballot, these measures are about something bigger than just Airbnb and even the Mission – they are about trends that are happening in urban areas across the US:

“A number of these measures are not just a moment in time aberration, this is the kind of thing that’s happening in response to pressures on urban America as they become very popular places to be in…one of the pressures that’s happening is using housing stock as hotels.”

Voting YES on Prop F and Prop I is about saying what we think urban areas should look like and what type of City we want San Francisco to become.

We like the last word that CCHO co-director Fernando Marti has in this NBC piece about Prop I: “It’s an ethical mandate that we should have a diverse city, and that runs counter to the market.”