We did it!

9 11 2012

We did it! Thanks to the hard work and dedication of thousands of San Franciscans to affordable housing in this City, we won the Housing Trust Fund!

We are really proud of what we accomplished together on the campaign, walking over 300 precincts (many of those twice!) and mobilizing hundreds of building tenants and grassroots members. We won with an overwhelming 65% of the vote, and put San Francisco on the map, again, as a national leader in affordable housing, making us the first city in California with a permanent local source, and committed our city to the long-term development of affordable and supportive housing in the post-Redevelopment era.

Our success depended on a wide network of progressive allies, the Human Services Network, the Coalition on Homelessness, SF Rising, Coleman, Causa Justa::Just Cause, Jobs with Justice, the Progressive Revenue Coalition, ACCE, and others, with whom we will need to continue to build over the coming years. Our victory for a local permanent source for affordable housing is also testament to the legacy of many years of hard work by Calvin Welch and Rene Cazenave. Proposition C’s success lays the foundation for further policy wins into the future, the ongoing tasks of working to create a city of opportunity, equity, and diversity.

Even as we celebrate, we must not forget the other side: 35% of our city voted against affordable housing. We have a long road still ahead, building new relationships and alignments with a changed Board of Supervisors, making new friends with neighborhoods and communities, weathering the uncertainty of a still-shaky economy, navigating a long list of game-changing land use and policy proposals coming at us, and the fundamentally important work of building a movement with our progressive allies.

To victory! And the struggle continues!