What you gotta do to run a city…

4 12 2013

From the New York Times, “Making San Francisco Accessible to More Than the Tech Elite:”

“They come to San Francisco,” said Peter Cohen, co-director of the San Francisco Council of Community Housing Organizations, referring to workers in the industry, “they’re paid a premium for whatever they do, they don’t know the impact they’re having.”

“But I think there’s a point at which you become complicit and you can’t just say, ‘I’m doing my job and I don’t know what’s going on,’” he added.

… Kevin Starr, a professor specializing in California history at the University of Southern California, said it was the responsibility of politicians and real estate developers to support the middle and working classes.

“If you leave it to the free market alone, the system will collapse because you won’t be able to run a city,” he said.