Whose Future? A Forum on Plan Bay Area

24 07 2013

Whose Future? What Does The Regional “Plan Bay Area” Really Mean for San Francisco?

On June 12, 2013, CCHO and urbanIDEA co-sponsored a community forum with the San Francisco Bay Guardian, on the draft “Plan Bay Area.”   This plan is newly mandated by state law (SB 375) as a way to push more “smart growth” development patterns in the region.  There are, however, some challenges to getting it right: this recent issue of SFBG has its lead article on the topic, and frames the critique and needed re-thinking of Plan Bay Area.

San Francisco Communities of ConcernSan Francisco’s “Communities of Concern,” areas identified by ABAG and MTC as having a high percentage of minority and/or low-income residents. Source: MTC, February 1, 2012.

The forum was moderated by Tim Redmond (Bay Guardian), with panelists Gen Fujioka (Chinatown Community Development Center), Mike Casey (Unite HERE Local 2), Maria Zamudio (Causa Justa/Just Cause), Cindy Wu (Planning Commissioner), Bob Allen (Urban Habitat), Peter Cohen (Council of Community Housing Organizations), and Rachel Brahinsky (University of San Francisco).

This was the inaugural public event of urbanIDEA, an evolving independent think tank that was an outgrowth of CCHO’s work on the 2010 Community Congress. urbanIDEA is a progressive think tank focusing on multiple issues confronting municipal and regional governments. The initiative will incubate new ideas and approaches to urban and regional development from a left-progressive perspective bringing together researchers, professional practitioners and policymakers. urbanIDEA seeks to fill the gap as a forum linking progressive scholarship and theory-driven analysis with community-based organizations and grassroots movements in issues of land use, housing, economic development, and environmental justice to promote fundamental change in our political and economic systems.

 To event was recorded by the USF’s Leo T. McCarthy Center, and can be found here.

The event program can be found here: Whose Future – evetn program