United for Housing Justice

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United for Housing Justice is a coalition of community, labor, faith, tenant and affordable housing organizations. Our members are those who directly experience the crisis in the housing market, and include organizations who have built thousands of affordable homes and who counsel hundreds of tenants each day. We have concrete solutions, based on our experience, centered on the communities most impacted by the crisis. UHJ believes that our current housing crisis was created by market forces, including rampant real estate speculation and the drastic increase in income inequality over the last decade. Proposals for market-based solutions are at best insufficient and at worst create more harm than good. Rather, we believe that market regulation and public investment are critical to addressing the housing crisis.

The San Francisco Anti-Displacement Coalition  

The San Francisco Anti-Displacement Coalition is a group of tenant organizations and allies who organize against the soaring evictions and rent increases in our city, which have resulted in the displacement of thousands of San Franciscans.

  • We believe that all tenants have a right to safe, secure and affordable places to live. We support strong public policies that protect these rights.

  • We believe that real estate speculation destabilizes neighborhoods, communities and economies. We support regulation and controls on such speculation.

  • We believe that the future of San Francisco as a culturally diverse, vibrant and creative city depends on its capacity to protect tenants from displacement and neighborhoods from losing their character and their social and economic diversity.

  • We are committed to building a democratic, inclusive, and nonviolent movement for social change to advance these values and policies.

SFADC was formed in 2013 to address the wave of evictions and landlord harassment forcing thousands from their homes and neighborhoods. Together we supported the ballot measure that would tax the ‘flipping’ of apartment buildings that was fueling and exploiting our housing crisis. The speculator tax, inspired by legislation originally proposed by Harvey Milk just prior to his assassination, was designed to stabilize the housing market in our city. It aimed to make the San Francisco housing market more affordable for people looking to stay in the city and make it their home, rather than an investment tool bankers of bankers and speculators who are driving up prices for both prospective home owners and renters.

6 Wins For Equity Network

6 Wins for Social Equity Network (6 Wins) is a pivotal political moment to ensure that regional planning decisions and investments are shaped by the voices and needs of those most impacted by policy decisions in the Bay Area. 

The 6 Wins is the only regional advocacy coalition which works together to ensure that the Bay Area’s transit, housing, jobs, and climate policies break the patterns of segregation, sprawl, and pollution that have disadvantaged low-income communities and communities of color for generations.

CCHO and the Six Wins coalition are advocating for a “place-based” approach that assesses the impacts - positive and potentially negative - of various development-incentive policy proposals.

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