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CASA: The most important housing deal you’ve never heard of

This invite-only assembly of movers and shakers was convened in late 2017 to craft a “grand bargain” with market-rate developers in exchange for their support for affordable housing.



SF supervisor’s bill takes aim at illegal home demolitions

“The biggest piece to take away is that this will help preserve existing housing that our city can’t afford to lose to the speculative market,” said Maya Chupkov, a spokesperson for the Council of Community Housing Organizations.


Nonprofits could get first dibs on multi-unit buildings

Fernando Martí of the Council of Community Housing Organizations, who supports the proposal said in a statement that “the state of our evictions and speculation crisis demands that we have every tool possible.”

The Council of Community Housing Organizations (known as “Choo Choo”) is a nonprofit coalition of 25 community-based housing developers and tenant advocates.

Our collective longstanding mission is to foster the development of permanently affordable low-income housing in San Francisco, under community control and through non-speculative means of ownership, with adequate provisions for tenant services and empowerment.

In an interview with People. Power. Media reporter Dyan Ruiz, Bob Herman, an architect who has dedicated his career to designing beautiful affordable housing, talks about how a rent freeze would make a big difference for our affordable housing crisis.

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