KPFA, Upfront: Feat. UESF’s Susan Solomon and CCHO’s Peter Cohen

CCHO with Bay Area Forward released "Who Will Teach Our Children?", a report identifying the housing and affordability levels needed for Bay Area educators to live where they work.

The report is an entry level brief on educator housing, and the “fit” needed between educator incomes and their housing costs.


New OP-ED: We work here, but can we live here?

9.15.19. A recent study found that for every 100,000-square-foot office development, at least 81 new affordable housing units are needed just to house the lower wage workers in those offices, not counting all the contract employees such as janitors, or other population growth factors.

The Council of Community Housing Organizations (known as “Choo Choo”) is a nonprofit coalition of 26 community-based housing developers and tenant advocates.

Our collective longstanding mission is to foster the development of permanently affordable low-income housing in San Francisco, under community control and through non-speculative means of ownership, with adequate provisions for tenant services and empowerment.


CCHO In the news: Will building more market housing help with Vancouver’s affordability problems?

Peter Cohen of CCHO was featured in Globe and Mail’s piece on the affordability crisis in Vancouver.


CCHO IN THE NEWS: SF’s housing market is so dire that tech workers are spending over $2,000 a month to rent rooms

July 22, 2019. "It's an affordable supply issue, not just a supply issue, said Maya Chupkov of CCHO.


new OP-ED: Continuing SF’s community development legacy

July 31, 2019. MOHCD’s leadership transition opens an opportunity to reflect on the department’s roots in community development while also responding to the tidal wave of evictions and exploding housing costs brought on by the tech economy.

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