REport: “Who Will teach our children?”

The Council of Community Housing Organizations together with Bay Area Forward released a new report, "Who Will Teach Our Children?", identifying the housing and affordability levels needed for Bay Area educators to live where they work. 

 The report found:

  • Only 1 out of every 10 Bay Area educators can afford market-rate rents where they live

  • A Daycare Provider would need to earn 4 times their salary to afford market-rate rents

  • Kindergarten Teachers can afford less than half of a one-bedroom rental apartment

  • Elementary and High School Teachers would need to make 1.5 times their salary to afford a one-bedroom rental apartment

The report is an entry level brief on educator housing, and the “fit” needed between educator incomes and their housing costs.

Many are caught in the middle between earning too much to qualify for low-income subsidized housing, and too little to rent a market rate unit.

In order to meet educators’ needs, we encourage the exploration of funding mechanisms that can flex beyond the bounds of the traditional low-income tax credit program.

The Bay Area needs to set the stage for long-term comprehensive solutions that will stabilize the housing landscape for the Bay Area’s teachers and paraprofessionals.

Download the full report here.

Media coverage: Education Dive, KQED, KPFA, and Curbed