Programs: Housing and Land Use Policy

Beyond our day-to-day work in the trenches of affordable housing production, CCHO works on significant new policies that have shaped the affordable housing and land use picture in San Francisco. CCHO has led an aggressive strategy to support affordable housing goals, unify housing organizations as a movement coalition, and pursue public policies and financing mechanisms for affordable housing. For instance, CCHO helped coordinate community-base plans within the Eastern Neighborhoods rezoning process, and developed legislation mandating compliance with the Housing Element’s low- and moderate-income housing objectives. CCHO has been an active participant in the San Francisco Progressive Revenue Coalition, a unique broad-based coalition of affordable housing, social services, labor and faith-based groups uniting housing, workforce and public service needs into a unified strategy. In 2005 CCHO organized the San Francisco Housing Justice Summit where 83 housing, tenant, and homeless organizations reached a unique agreement on an Action Agenda to comprehensively preserve and expand affordable housing and empower lower income communities. Many of the measures adopted at the Housing Justice Summit have already been adopted as City policy.

  • Long-term policy development

  • Local legislative agenda

  • General Plan updates (Housing Element, Area Plans, Re-zonings)